Used iPhone Xs are selling for record-high prices

Even a used iPhone X will cost an arm and a leg.

The phone’s $999 starting price isn’t the only place consumers are hit with a hefty price tag. The iPhone X is now also reselling at the highest price of any other phone, according to liquidation research specialist B-Stock.

The average resale price is only at 85 percent of the original, and even those who buy the phones in bulk are paying about 75 percent of the original price — these are much higher percentages than even previous iPhone models, which sold at around 65 percent of the original price half a year after they hit the market.

B-Stock reports the pricing is around 25 percent higher than any other model in history.

Although the exorbitant price still poses a large financial barrier for people who want to obtain the latest iPhone, it is actually a good sign for those who already own the device. The high asking price means that iPhone X users are indeed getting a bang for their many bucks.

That’s consistent with many Apple products, which tend to live long lives. Although they may not be equipped with all the latest functions and features, the devices from over a decade ago are often still usable when treated correctly (except for, let’s say, battery life, which the tech giant evilly destroyed over time).

The report also cited a variety of reasons to create this perfect storm: how Apple is rumored to not make another iPhone X of the same quality, there are fewer iPhone Xs available for resale, and that the X is the first new size change since the iPhone 6.

B-Stock also said that the high price tag probably stems from the high demand of iPhone X devices in the United States.

Its findings claim that only two percent of all the iPhone Xs are sold outside the United States, which means that those who don’t want to (or can’t) pay the four-digit price tag for a new device are opting to get a refurbished one to stick with the Apple brand.

It’s pricey to be one of the Apple elites.

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