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Twitter Accidentally Reveals Private Tweets of Android Users

Social media network Twitter revealed today that it fixed a bug that affected users of its Android app. The bug accidentally changed the visibility of protected tweets from private to public, the company said.
A Twitter bug has prevented the “Protect Your Tweets” setting from working as intended for some Android users.
What is particularly notable about this bug is that it has been impacting users over a period of several years.
The company disclosed that the bug began affecting users on November 3, 2014. It wasn’t fixed until January 14, 2019.
According to Twitter’s announcement, the “Protect your Tweets” setting was disabled for some Android users if certain account changes were made, such as changing the email address associated with the account.
The bug did not people who use Twitter on iOS or on the web.
Twitter has informed people that are known to be affected by the bug. The “Protect your Tweets” setting was automatically turned back on for them if it was disabled.
However, Twitter notes, it cannot confirm every account that may have been impacted. Which is why it’s publicly disclosing the issue.
If you are an Android user who may have been impacted by this bug, Twitter suggests reviewing your privacy settings to check whether or not your tweets are protected.
The company assures users that measures are being put in place to prevent a similar incident from occurring.

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