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The 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe diesel is dead before arrival

When we found out that Hyundai was planning on bringing a diesel-powered version of its Santa Fe SUV to the US for 2019, we were pretty stoked. The thing is though, diesel is having kind of a weird time in the US thanks to the Germans and all their shenanigans, and as a result, Hyundai won’t be bringing its oil-burner stateside, according to a report published Monday by Green Car Reports.

The 2019 Santa Fe diesel debuted in Geneva earlier this year, and it seemed incredibly promising. We liked the looks of it, and we love the torque and cruising range that a diesel drivetrain offers. But the stink left by Dieselgate on compression-ignition engines in passenger cars is just too much of a risk for the Korean automaker.

The interesting thing is that while diesel cars and SUV’s are getting thinner on the ground than ever, more and more trucks are offering smaller diesel options. It wasn’t that long ago that if you wanted a diesel, you had to go with a three-quarter or 1-ton full-size pickup to get it. Now though, all of the big three are offering or planning to offer a small diesel in their half-ton pickups, with Chevrolet going as far as offering one in its midsize Colorado.

So, if you need to have a diesel in your crossover or SUV, then you’ll have to go to the folks at Jeep, Land Rover, Jaguar or General Motors for the time being.

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