Start 2019 with The best IOS app

Apps are the cornerstone of the iPhone – what really set it apart from Android. The best iPhone apps are typically best in class.
However, finding the greatest apps among the millions available isn’t easy, and so we’ve done the hard work for you.
Our lists compile the very best the iPhone has to offer, whether using your iPhone for photos, video, drawing, music, office tasks, reading, maps, weather forecasts or keeping kids entertained.This round-up compiles our favourites, from top-quality creative tools and video editors to the finest productivity kit and social networking clients.In addition to our ongoing list of the absolute best, every week we’re adding our picks for the latest and greatest new or updated apps, so check back often.Even if you don’t have an iPhone right now, it’s worth reading up on what’s available if you’re considering investing in the iPhone XS or even one of the older models (if you need more info, check out our list of the best iPhones) – but note that some of these titles will only work with models from iPhone 5S and later.
Read on below for our free app pick of the week then click through to the following pages for the best iPhone apps across a range of categories.

Best iPhone photo editing and camera apps
These are our favorite iPhone apps for editing snaps, capturing photos and video and applying the filters that actually make things look good.


Camera+ is a combined camera and editor. Despite the wealth of available options, the interface is initially quite minimal, with a modes strip across the top of the screen, a zoom slider, and the shutter. But tap the + button and you reveal further modes, including a timer, a stabilizer and smile detection.
Similarly, tap the viewfinder area and Camera+ enters a ‘pro’ mode, with manual controls, and scene options for shooting under specific lighting conditions. The interface is finicky compared to Obscura 2, but Camera+ is undoubtedly powerful.Post-shooting, you can edit with adjustment tools, filters, and frames in the Lightbox. This all comes across as impressively friendly and straightforward, and although the range of tools doesn’t compare to Snapseed’s, it’s enough to keep you within the one app for the most part.


Oilist is a generational art app. You feed it something from Photos, choose a style, and it gets to work, continually repainting your image. It’s like someone’s trapped a tiny van Gogh in your iPhone.
In fact, it’s like a slew of artists are stuck in your device, because Oilist has a massive range of styles to choose from, taking in everything from classic oil painters through to modern art. Although the app can be left alone in a dock, you can capture stills for posterity, or fiddle with settings (including brush strokes, mood, ‘chaos’ and gravity) to redirect the virtual artist.
Whether you interact or just sit back and watch, Oilist is mesmerizing – kind of like a painterly lava lamp, only what you see is based on one of your own cherished photographs.


Mimo, an app that helps you learn to write code, was named one of the best self improvement apps by Google Play. The app, available for iPhones or Android phones, offers colorful bite-sized lessons to make learning to code less daunting. Its simple exercises can help you fit learning this new skill into any routine.


Infltr began life as a photo filter app for people who considered choosing a filter too much effort. Instead, you dragged your finger across the screen, watching as the filter updated live. Simple. Fast. Random.
But this brutally stripped-back approach nudged Infltr towards gimmickry – something its current incarnation addresses by affording you a modicum of additional control. The original functionality still exists – the app nicely going full-screen when you activate it – but there are editing and filter management features too.
Along with adding a filter in the original way, you can select a pre-made option, make basic adjustments, and alter the photo’s crop and skew. All edits are non-destructive, so you can revert or make further changes later, and your settings can be saved as a custom style. The net result is an app that’s evolved from an interesting curio to a must-have iPhone app for photographers.

5.Keep Trainer

If it’s an at-home fitness app you’re looking for, Keep Trainer is free and requires no equipment. It has a range of workout plans complete with step-by-step instructions to help you reach your training goals. It is available for iPhones or Android phones.


Apple presented Shine as one of the best apps for self-care in 2018. Features such as daily texts or motivational messages can give you a boost in the morning, a break in the afternoon or help you wind down before bedtime. The app covers topics like self-love, anxiety and burnout, and is available for the iPhone.


If you are thinking to uplift your creativity above ordinary, then iMovie from the house of Apple is the best application to be in the limelight. It is an iOS video app full of rich features though at the beginning it feels little cumbersome to handle and control. But with few uses, you can capture amazing videos and can edit them on the iOS platform with ease. The app is free of charges for using.

8. VivaVideo

This full-fledged app is loaded with many features that work wonders to the footage captured by you. It has a multi-functional capturing option giving you a choice of selfie, music, basic funny, collage, video, FX and many more. You will be applauded on the social circuit by uploading the videos captured through this app on iOS devices. With a selfie camera and seven beautiful lenses, one can catch the moments to cherish for long. A video slideshow can be created to give you an opportunity to showcase your creative brains. If you desire then you also have a choice to add music, filters and FX to enhance your video. The app is chargeable, but it is worth paying considering the facilities.

9. Camera Plus

This app hits the bulls’ eye allowing you to edit your recordings like a professional on iPhone. You can use the app’s separate features for the still photos and the videos controlling the white balance, brightness, and exposure. You can even lock them at your desired conditions. Using the live filters available inside the app will allow you to give your videos a new look on the spot.

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