LG adding AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support with Siri and Home app to its TVs

Samsung was the first manufacturer to announce AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support coming to its TVsyesterday. Since then Vizio also shared that built-in support for Apple’s ecosystem will be arriving with its SmartCast TVs this year. Now, LG has confirmed its plans to integrate AirPlay 2 and HomeKit with its televisions at CES 2019.
LG shared today at CES that its 2019 TVs will be gaining both Airplay and HomeKit functionality.
As we learned from Vizio and Samsung’s announcements, the new Apple integration will offer users options to cast content from Apple devices to their TVs without needing an Apple TV. It will also bring Siri control and Home app support.

New LG TVs also support HomeKit. It means that you can add your TV to the Home app on your iOS device and Mac. After that, you can control basic TV features from the Home app. You can also assign Siri keywords so that you can manage your TV using Siri on your iOS device or HomePod.

HomeKit support lets you create custom actions. For instance, you can say “Hey Siri, turn on the TV” and have Siri turn on the TV and dim your Philips Hue lights.

Unlike Samsung, LG didn’t announce an iTunes app. So you can’t rent or buy movies and TV shows straight from your TV. Buying something from your phone and then using AirPlay is still a bit clunky.

LG also said that 2019 TVs come with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support. But this is less surprising as you can find hundreds of devices that support those voice assistants.

Finally, the company is adding a home dashboard to control a wide variety of home devices from your TV. Details are still thin on this feature. It’s unclear whether LG will roll out some of all of these software features to old TVs.

Watching all TV manufacturers add AirPlay and HomeKit support one by one reminds me of the year TV manufacturers all announced native Netflix apps for their TV. It’s clear that Apple is following in Netflix’s footsteps and opening up. Apple has been working on a subscription-based streaming service for months. And the company wants to support as many devices as possible.


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