Instagram’s botched experiment is a reminder that the future of Facebook is Stories

now, we talk about new  option instagram .You’d think Instagram would know by now that even the smallest changes can send users into a paranoid frenzy. That still didn’t stop the company from unintentionally pushing out a major update that screwed up users’ feeds this morning.
Annoying and confusing as it may be, the “bug,” which made Instagram feed posts look and feel more like Story posts, underscores an important point: Facebook is preparing for a future where Stories are more important than feeds.
That’s more evident then ever today, when Instagram abruptly began testing a new horizontally-scrolling UI in which users had to tap through feed posts instead of scrolling, with a much larger group of users than it had originally intended, according to Instagram chief Adam Mosseri. The update, which Instagram PR declared a “bug,” was swiftly rolled back, but not before igniting a massive backlash against the change.
uckerberg himself echoed the same sentiment in October, when he noted that sharing to Stories will surpass sharing into feeds in the “not-too-distant future.” It’s worth revisiting his full comments on the subject, made during the company’s third-quarter earnings call, in light of the recent Instagram debacle (emphasis added):

All of the trends that we’ve seen suggest that in the not-too-distant future, people will be sharing more into Stories than they will into feeds. And that the whole market across all of the Stories type of product will be bigger and a market where people are sharing more moments from their days into Stories type products than into Feed type products.  And this happened very quickly. This whole trend has been — is much newer than the trend with News Feed and feeds overall. And it continues to grow incredibly quickly.

Again, this isn’t to suggest that there’s some big conspiracy to do away with feeds or permanent posts entirely. But it’s worth remembering just how important the Stories format is to Facebook when you think about why Instagram would do these kinds of tests in the first place. In a world where Stories is the most dominant format, of course it makes sense to also change up the dynamics of the main feed to make it look and feel a bit more like Stories. Hell, even Google is aggressively pursuing these kinds of features.

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