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Hit by the Medic Update? Here’s How to Recover (A Practical Case Study)

Google makes several updates to its search engine ranking algorithm every day.

Some of Google’s updates come and go, without any real notice.

Other updates go live, only to be rolled back several weeks later.

And some, become infamous.

Caffeine. Penguin. Panda.

Mention these updates to any SEO and their expression will tell you how badly their websites (or their clients’ websites) were affected.

Another of Google’s famous updates didn’t quite have the same cute name associated with it.

It’s merely known as the “payday loan” update.

In 2013, Google rolled out their payday loan update in a bid to improve the payday loan SERPs that were being crammed full of websites that had gamed the system through spammy SEO tactics.

In the five years since that Google update, the payday loan industry has been a constant battle of websites that try to outsmart Google versus those that play the long game – and hope that doing things “the right way” will pay off.

Of course, all this changed again in August 2018.

On August 1, Google rolled out a broad core algorithm update

Some people referred to this one as the “Medic” update because, initially, it appeared to target a number of medical websites.

However, since the initial rollout, we can see that the update has impacted sites far wider than the medical niche, including payday loans.

One reason why this update is still being talked about today is because few websites have been able to recover.

In fact, SEO expert Cyrus Shepard even tweeted that, after 60 days, there hadn’t been a single case study on how sites can recover from the Medic update.

Until now, very little has been written in terms of practical advice on how to regain traffic and rankings.

Sure, you can always read the 160-page Search Quality Ratings Guidelinesdocument from Google.

Another approach is to “publish great content” and hope your rankings recover.

Or, you can follow the steps outlined in this case study – from Peachy.co.uk – as we share how we recovered within 60 days, and how you can apply the same strategies to your own website.

Was I Hit by the Medic Update?

Each time Google rolls out a new update, the first thing to do is to check whether your website was impacted.

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