Google releases Lighthouse new version

Google announced development of a new Lighthouse feature that will offer audit data specific to your Content Management System (CMS). The new feature is called Platform Packs for Lighthouse. Platform Packs improves the quality of the audit with tips that are specific to your CMS. Google is asking for feedback.
The popular auditing tool used by developers and search marketers now enables users to run basic SEO checks against site pages.Webmasters, web developers and SEOs are getting a new feature in the widely used website auditing tool Lighthouse. Google announced today the addition of an “SEO Audits” category to the Chrome extension. You can access the new audit category via the “Options” button in the extension.

What CMS Will Lighthouse Platform Packs Audit?

Lighthouse Platform Pack is currently under development. Google intends to eventually offer Lighthouse Platform Packs for all popular content management systems as well as JavaScript Frameworks such as React and Angular).

Lighthouse Platform Packs Audit for WordPress

While Google intends to offer Lighthouse Platform Packs for many popular systems, WordPress will be the first content management system to receive a platform pack.

What Does Lighthouse Platform Pack Do?

The Chrome Lighthouse Platform will offer CMS localized information. For example, site audit information may include tips on how to address render blocking resources on WordPress or how to serve appropriately sized images with tips specific to WordPress.


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