Facebook Messenger Tests a Separate Folder for Business Messages

Facebook is testing a new way of organizing messages from business pages in Messenger.
Social Media Examiner discovered this update and shared an example on their page:
Several other Facebook users are reporting seeing this as well.
It was later stated in a developer community that this is currently a test with a minimal number of Messenger users, with no plans to expand at this time.
For those unable to read the text in the image above, it says:
So if you’re not yet seeing this folder, you’re not alone.
Clearly, this can assist users with separating business messages from personal messages.
It can also assist Facebook page admins with keeping their personal messages separated from customer messages.
This change, if it ends up rolling out more widely, may even make users more inclined to opt-in to Messenger bots and stay engaged with them.
At first glance, it would seem this change has numerous benefits to both users and businesses. Time will tell if it ends up becoming a permanent feature.

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