Facebook may let you block certain words, emoji from appearing in comments

Facebook has been working to combat issues like hate speech and disinformation on its platform. While the social network does what it can to remove toxic content before you ever see it, you may be able to take matters into your own hands with an upcoming feature.

Facebook is reportedly releasing a feature that will let you block certain words, phrases and emoji from appearing in comments on your timeline. The feature was alluded to in a blog post in October as rolling out in the coming months, and spotted on Tuesday by Jane Manchun Wong. Wong is known for reverse-engineering apps to find hidden features. In the past, she’s exposed Facebook features like the “Your Time on Facebook” tool and its dating app.

This new blocking feature closely resembles Twitter’s muting options that also let you ban certain words and phrases. Facebook notes that this will prevent you from seeing these words in comments, but the people who post the comments and their friends will still be able to see them.

Facebook says it first announced this feature in October, but Wong’s screenshot shows that it may be coming very soon.




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