Shima Ranjbar


Google bans embedded in-app sign-ins to curb phishing attacks

In a post on the company’s security blog, Google’s Product Manager of Account Security Jonathan Skelker announced that the search giant will begin to block account sign-ins from embedded browsers within applications. The problem with embedded browsers, as Skelker lays out, is...


Chat app Line is adding Snap-style disappearing stories

Facebook  cloning Snap  to death may be old news, but others are only just following suit. Line, the Japanese messaging app that’s popular in Asia, just became the latest to clone Snap’s ephemeral story concept. The company announced today that it is adding stories that disappear...


Incognito mode comes to Google Maps

Being able to browse the web without leaving the usual local traces is a valuable tool for a lot of reasons, and now you can do the same thing in Google  Maps. Incognito mode, announced today at Google I/O, prevents any movements...


Alphabet cites ‘headwinds’ in smartphone sales

Alphabet’s Q1 earnings were a disappointment for Wall Street, courtesy primarily of ad revenue shortcomings. The hardware team met with some difficulties, as well, owing in part to a stagnating global smartphone market that has impacted virtually all players. CEO Sundar...

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