Shabnam Rafeeian


Spotify is test driving a car called ‘Car Thing’

or anyone following Spotify, this no doubt felt like an inevitably. As the streaming service looks to diversify, the company’s already had some loose partnerships with hardware companies like Mighty. Now it’s looking to build its own thing. That thing being “Car...


Apple’s new AirPods 3

It feels like only yesterday that Apple released its second-generation AirPods, and already the rumor mill is going into high gear over another version possibly launching later this year. Will Apple actually go through with it? What would make AirPods 3...


All We Need to Know About Pixel 3a 

Google is betting that cheaper smartphones with less powerful features can help it make a mark in the mobile market, but stepping out from Apple’s shadow might prove to be the biggest challenge. Announced yesterday at Google’s  opening I/O keynote, the Pixel 3a arrives...

Social Media

Instagram will hide like counts

Ever feel like Instagram is too much of a popularity contest? A new feature could help alleviate some of that stress. Instagram is experimenting with a new feature that removes exact like counts from posts, the company announced onstage at...

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