Android Update Impact on European Search Marketing

Google announced changes to Android that may affect it’s search and browser dominance in Europe. Every Android user in Europe will soon be asked to make a choice of what browser and search service the users wishes to use.

Impact to Search Marketing

The update will be rolling out over the coming weeks. It will impact current and new Android device users.

It may be useful to follow European user trends. Significant changes may impact how search marketing from PPC to organic search is conducted.

That said, there is reason to believe that Google’s implementation of the choice prompt is engineered to result in the least amount of responses. Keep reading to see how Google is doing this.

Why is Google Providing Europeans a Choice?

The coming option to choose non-Google browser and search services were made in order to comply with a European Commission ruling from 2018.

Is the Choice Prompt Too Small?

The above screenshot is a close up of the prompt that users will be confronted with. The prompt does not fill the entire screen. It’s just a small bar at the bottom of the screen.

Presumably, a user will be focused on the task at hand.  If the prompt shows up on the home screen, will the user ignore it since their task at the moment is to choose an app from the home screen?

Will the choice prompt be persistent and not go away until the user makes a choice? Google’s announcement did not indicate.

Android Choice Prompt is for Europe Only

The new prompt screen will appear only in Europe. This is because Google is being forced to do this to comply with the European Commission.

According to Google:

“These changes are being made in response to feedback from the European Commission. We will be evolving the implementation over time.”

Choice is good for the consumer.  That’s why your local supermarket sells Cheerios, Lucky Charms and Cascadian Farms Organic cereal.

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