15 Best WordPress News Themes For a Competitive Online Publishing Platform 2018

Getting information about any specific matter is now no longer a huge hassle. Unlike the past when we had to open up a big encyclopedia to find out the answers; the process is much simpler nowadays. That’s right thanks to the internet anything you want to know is simply a few clicks away.

Whether you want to get all the latest information about your favorite celebrity, sports, the country’s economy, politics or anything else; a few searches in Google or your favorite news site get’s you everything you are looking for in an instant.  And that leads right to our topic today!

While there are more than a handful of options thanks to all the creative WordPress creators and developers, we have done our best to bring you only the latest and advanced options to choose from. Each of the theme we have hand-picked follow the latest standards and meets all the requirements of a WordPress news theme. Based on the high ratings and the customer reviews as well as our experience with the themes, we hope we solve your dilemma on choosing the perfect theme to start with. But before getting to the listing, here are a few points to keep in mind while choosing the right news theme for your genre.

How to Choose The Right News Theme for your WordPress?

  • Budget Plan:

    If you are starting up your very first news site and do not want to spend tons of expenses only on the theme then why not try out some free WordPress themes? However, it all depends on what type of contents you wish to dwell on and how often you upload them. If you choose to upload contents on a regular and professional basis then something with more features of Premium WordPress themes can be the key as they include more advanced features and options for a more easier usage.

    Regular Updates:

    While choosing any theme, make sure that it is regularly updated. This ensures a better functionality as everything that needs updating is up to date. Also, check for the ratings and user reviews. It is the key to finding a theme that meets your expectations. While some themes might claim that they include tons of features, the users might not feel the same way.

  • Essential features:

    While most themes do come packed with tons of features, the major things to focus on is the device screen responsiveness, customizing options, cross-browser as well as the SEO compatibility. Any other additional features like Sliders, Carousels, Video support and others is a plus. However, once again, it all depends on which type of contents you wish to upload and how often.

  • Support:

    Finally, make sure that the theme you pick out has excellent customer support. This ensures that any problem you might come across is taken care of immediately when you reach out to them. Most provide free support through documentation, Live Chats, tutorials, forums and FAQs. And it is always great to have them have your back.


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