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12 Tips to Finding Social Media Zen

Feeling peaceful, fulfilled, and relaxed as a social media marketer?

*spoiler alert*

Not if Facebook has anything to do with it.

Oh, and all the Lit and Yaas stickers on Instagram you thought were so magnetic and romancing. Flames.

Fake news, full feeds, fast unfollows.

It’s stressful, painful, and even sometimes dismal.

Social media trust has taken a nosedive leaving brands scrambling to figure out a functional sales funnel.

Once the golden child of digital marketing, social media continues to shock, surprise, seduce, defy, and when done right, even sell.

Let’s remind ourselves, there is no autopilot, no snooze button in this current state of marketing

Social media famously does not allow marketers to get too comfortable.

What’s the solution?

Stay clear and focused and know how to stay in the social media zen zones.

Zen Channels


Known as the most trusted social media network according to 2018 The Digital Trust Report, LinkedIn is experiencing a love fest with its professional user base.

Minus the algorithm headaches and plus the newer features such as live video, positive network vibes, engagement, and exposure possibility are at an all-time PR high.

“LinkedIn is by far the easiest network in the world to go viral on,” said LinkedIn Ad expert AJ Wilcox.

While every network is trying to suppress and show less to their users, LinkedIn wants to show more.

Anytime someone hits “Like”, “Comment”, or “Share”, that update is shown to part of that person’s network.

If you share things that make people want to interact, you’ll get a ton of views from people outside your immediate network, said Wilcox.

Back to the trust factor. People also feel safe sharing professional content on LinkedIn because it’s the acceptable place for it.

That means when you share work-related content, your great aunt won’t be commenting on how proud of you she is, and your work colleagues will chime in.


If you are looking for cooking, shopping, decorating, dieting, or researching just about anything, Pinterest is chanting Ommmmm.

Good news for the brands if your audience is on Pinterest, there is still lots of opportunities to drive referring traffic.

With more than 250 million people using Pinterest monthly, Pinners span the globe, but they all share an important trait: they’re actively seeking help and inspiring ideas.

People use Pinterest to plan for what’s important in their lives.

What marketers need to know is that it’s still possible to optimize on Pinterest to:

  • Influence buying power.
  • Drive significant referring traffic.
  • Reach your audience for less than other social networks.


With its “presidential” effect, Twitter has had a bit of a rebirth since the last election.

With more than 326 million active monthly users, Twitter’s speed, freedom of speech, and potential abuse make it a social network to thrive or dive.

Don’t underestimate the power of Twitter’s 280-character length.

One of the fastest and most powerful ways to break news and persuade the media is with Twitter.

If you are looking to engage with the media, start a movement like #MeToo or share your brand’s thought leadership, news or opinions, head over to Twitter.

Warning: Just make sure you are not under the influence, tired, or in a bad mood. One wrong tweet and you could end up in a not-so-positive news story.

Be intentional in who you follow and why.

Attention is only valuable if you are in front of the right audience.


Who would have believed YouTube stars would be more influential than mainstream media?

Finding fame has never been easier than YouTube – just ask Justin Beiber or this year’s top YouTube earner.

Meet the 7-year-old boy named Ryan who earned a cool $22 million last year playing with toys and uploading YouTube videos.


All brands aboard. Get ready to hit saturation.

Once everyone joins the party, it’s not as exclusive and things seem diluted and fabricated.

Instagram still shows signs of organic opportunity but with its growth pace of reaching 1 billion users, the future looks harsh.

So what can you do to stay zen?

Post more authentic content to filter out from the people who try to only post content that makes others believe they live in this great fantasy world where nothing goes wrong.

“Like any social network ages, it loses its niche as wider adoption occurs. Instagram is starting to go through that, and it’s harder and harder to avoid the Instamodels and the Joneses,” Wilcox said.

It’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s filtered, leaving users skeptical.

Hairstylist Kat Chase lets her followers know how to spot a fake on Instagram.


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